Essential Apps For Repo Men

  • I came across a fascinating post this morning. It was written by a police officer who lists all the apps that help him in his line of work.


    It got me thinking that there should be a list of essential apps for repo men, too. So this will be the first in a series of posts that will detail some of the many apps that can help those in the repossession industry do their jobs better.


    iHandy Translator Pro


    All too frequently, repo agents come face-to-face with someone whose primary language is something other than English. With this app, agents can type in what they want to say, select the language they would like the phrase translated into, and have the app speak that phrase in the selected language.



    It could come in very handy at diffusing what is an awkward situation when everyone speaks the same language, and becomes increasingly more complicated when that isn't the case.



    The app is highly rated and is available for $1.99.